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Chiswick Scottish Country Dance Club (Chiswick Scottish) met for the first time on 20th January 2002 and has grown and flourished quite remarkably since then. We dance on a Sunday evening and have a team of dedicated teachers and a membership of over a hundred.

In 2005, we added a beginners’ class so that newcomers could learn the basic steps and formations without being thrown in at the deep end. Our sessions are structured so that the level of dancing and teaching progresses throughout the evening in order to cater for everyone’s needs and to maximise enjoyment.

At least once a term, we have an informal Club Night with live music from quality musicians. There is no formal teaching on Club Nights but the dances will have been learnt previously at the club, recaps are always given by our experienced MCs. Wine and soft drinks are provided and the finger food buffet is on a “bring and share basis”. 

At Christmas we have our annual, ticketed Kilts and Posh Frocks dance for members and guests.

In the summer we hold an open air dance in the grounds of Chiswick House. We picnic and dance the evening away. As the sun begins to set and the shadows lengthen there is a truly magical atmosphere. The event has really earned the name Midsummer Magic.



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